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Maggie Lewis, Owner/Operator


About the Owner

Maggie Lewis was born in Durham, North Carolina. Growing up, she always had a particular interest in hair. When Maggie realized this was the path God was directing her to, she enrolled in Carolina Beauty College, and her career took off. After finishing college, she was determined to be one of the best stylists in Durham. Her family and friends encouraged her to stay motivated in every aspect of her career.


In 2008, she finally followed her first dream of being a hairstylist. She opened her first hair salon, "The Lather Lounge," which has been a dream come true for her ever since. Maggie has one location in Durham, and her business is growing daily. She is proud that her clients can walk into her salon and know they will feel good about themselves and comfortable within their skin. But, of course, the best part of the experience will be that their hair will be healthy and beautiful!


Since opening her salon, Maggie has been afforded many opportunities to give back to the community that watched her mature into the woman she is today. She takes great pride in positively impacting the Bull City and raising awareness through numerous social events and educational outreach programs. In addition, Maggie often spearheads events and works with countless prominent businesses in the Durham community to provide positive, cultivating outlets for people build awareness and fellowship and give back to people in need. 


Maggie is active in her church, an author, and loves her life as a wife. Throughout her career, God has played a big part. She is thankful to him every day for the beautiful life he has given her. In all aspects of her life, God comes first.


Styling hair is a creative outlet for Maggie. Helping people feel good and look good is truly an inspiration for her. No matter your budget, she believes every woman must have healthy & beautiful hair. So make sure to visit The Lather Lounge; you will walk out feeling fabulous!



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